Trial of World Competitors-21st Century Appraisal
1, Ukrainian crisis is now the test case of United States & European Union’s diplomacy. Actually diplomacy is a quality of dialogues initiated to restore inter-state relations without offending either’s feelings or status in how-so-ever critical circumstances. On one hand diplomacy is a greatest application of worldwide superintendence and on other hand, it’s a novel solution to dodge a war.
2, Economic Sanctions are the worst answer to resolve such crucial issues and prolonged sanctions are a disaster. Sanctions in any form are the true specimen of failure of diplomacy and indicate ulterior motives of imposing party. The sanctions against Pakistan & Afghanistan in nineties resulted in 9/11. Sanctions against Iran had a negligible impact, rather favored Iran in self reliance. Such sanctions are partially applicable against feeble states so as to restrict their potentials of purchasing modern equipment, arms & ammunition for their self defense and attack/incapacitate them in the long run when it’s for sure that target state is unable to fight back.
3, Similarly, depriving Russia from G-7 or Economic Sanctions against her would certainly have drastic impacts, some of which can be distinguished as:-
a. If Russia proves self reliance, would emerge as a World Power once again threatening world peace and this time, Russia will dictate the terms & most of her neighboring states would submit unconditionally.
b. The most interesting part is that Russia will reach self reliance that too at a surprising speed. Because Russia is a world itself. It’s a huge country with balanced population. She is self sufficient in all facilities of life rather surplus. She is blessed with all kinds of natural as well as artificially developed resources, even invented gold.
c. Over the passage of last seven decades, Russia has piled up so much of arms, ammunition & military equipment that barring China & USA, the arms & ammunition of rest of the world would fell short of that. Russia is also known for surprise strategic weapons and needs their trial. Such are not the weapons of mass destructions but geographical disasters. May be, some of the European States forming part of built up or offering bases to USA would cease to exist from world map forever.
4, Therefore, in response to Ukrainian crisis, European Union built up will be extremely sensitive, must be avoided as far as possible. Ukraine should also take extraordinary precautions in dealing with Russian origin citizens, redress their grievances & promise political asylum. If Ukraine continues shelling on her own citizens, it will promote division within the state and deteriorate the peace efforts. Moreover, the migration of Ukrainian citizens to Russia will rather aggravate the situation. May I also suggest Ukraine to approach Russia at appropriate level and request for a feasible solution instead of USA or European Union.
5, If at all, European Union has to handle the crisis than they should resort to the most viable solutions, which may be the one or a combination of the favorable options:-
a. Engage the elite of German businessmen operating in Russia to make proactive overtures at highest possible level.
b. Activate shuttle diplomacy by involving British Intelligentsia, since they are the most credible, trusted & foresighted community on this planet.
c. The forum of Secretary General of European Union is the last option with a combination of Ukrainian leadership.
d. Poland should revive her relations with Russia and request USA to vacate her bases as Trust Building Measures.
e. Disengage USA altogether from the process of negotiations or US strategic interests will never let these dialogues mature.
6, USA is left with very limited options, if she wishes peace in the region and continues to retain the grace of world competitor or the balance of power may tilt towards Russia:-
a. USA must refrain from any such further action which should indicate it as a part of mobilization against Russia.
b. It’s a precise time when USA should honorably extricate from the developing situation in Ukraine since the attention of the world media has diverted towards Iraq.
7, Should we also appreciate that if USA continues to pressurize Russia in league with European Union, Russia will annex Ukraine leaving USA to a humiliated silence. Because in this kind of situation, European Union will back out and entire Asia would either remain impartial or support Russia. The best US allies will also bid farewell to her on the face of it.
8, It also appeals that European Union created an unnecessary fuss in respect of Crimean Peninsula. The current circumstances reveal that Russia may not vacate Crimean Peninsula all right but will not proceed towards Ukraine provided Ukrainian leadership seeks the pleasure of Russia and not US or European Union. Ukraine must appreciate that Russia is a more reliable friend/ally than USA by all ethical and diplomatic standards. May I also say that Ukraine’s economy will totally collapse in absence of energy and there is no replacement to Russian pipeline in terms of flow of gas, cost effect and survival of her dignity in the history of nations.
9, Towards the end, I maintain that it’s a strange test of USA’s continued persistence to stay in the list of World Powers. Her prolonged expedition in Afghanistan & unprincipled stand on Syria and unethical patronizing, financing and launching the terrorists against Muslim World has comprehensively damaged US repute throughout Asia. The most unfortunate part is that this time USA has sabotaged the prestige of US nation and defaced US history on the whole. US leadership is being misled by CIA & blackmailed by Mossads. US Think Tank appeals to have gone in the background or over-estimating US position whereas surprise alliances are in the pipeline & very likely to mature. It’s high time when US leadership should rise to the occasion and take control of US esteem at appropriate level or be prepared to face the Law of Nature.

21 st Century Blunder.

1,         Oh Shekau, you have destroyed all the subjects concerned with human culture.

2,         Ranging from planet to sky, each creation of God is splendid; but the female is the most precious invention of Him Alone. She is such a unique fantasy, without which, the universe could never have assembled. What a tremendous source of life, community & entertainment; without her the universe would have suffocated.

3,         Female is a legend in the events of sacrifices to which thousands of generations are indebted. Even the life of a male is futile without a female. She is a breath-taking life partener. As soon as she shares the sorrows, she proves to be a greatest spring of relief of stress. The home without a female is absolutely void of pleasures. In short, female is the most delicate creature who must be handled with extreme care.

4,         When she comes to a mother, she is a total blessing. If she is a daughter, she is an angel. Oh Shekau, you have kidnapped the angels. Damned, you have hijacked the Nature. Mind it, when you put the Nature on trial, it grinds in scrape.

5,         Oh Shekau. On one hand, you have embarrased the entire human race and on other hand, you have ruined the entire image of Islamic Values. May I say Shekau, you are such a bloody stigma whom the terrorists will also record as a black spot in the history of terrorism.

6,         Towards the end, I must Question the Nigerian Generals, Are you Gays! However, I will sum up my message on a positive note; if the Muslims & Christians get on the same page, the words “Terrorist & Terrorism” will be deleted from the dictionaries of the world. I dedicate this message to the Media and Civil Society of the entire world.


Twitter-21st Century Media Revolution.

Twitter-21st Century Media Revolution.

1,         Twitter is a grand revolution in the world of social media by all standards. In fact, it’s a world itself and I would define Twitter as a “Saint”.

2,         Twitter has proved to be a novel link to remove misunderstandings amongst the races, religious misinterpretations, social and cultural complexes. It’s a superior forum which brings billions of people as close as they wish, across the continents beyond the speed of light. Twitter has reshaped the circle of media. It’s a voice of masses well above the board. It’s a universal institution of opportunities. The amazing part of Twitter is that it offers equal & unlimited openings round the clock and throughout the planet. It’s a greatest union of like-minded people. It has enough depth to promote cultures with an ideal capacity to bind the people of different nations, doctrines and beliefs at a single platform.

3,         It’s said that, “History usually written is not what actually lived”. On the contrary, Twitter has changed the course of History. Twitter is a Historian itself and recording a fascinating History based on extreme facts and absolute truth. Twitter neither alters the opinions of original authors nor amends the ideas of intellects or edits tweets at all. It only deletes very few phrases which are reported abuse, only when attested abusive. The time is not very far when Twitter will be quoted as the most authentic encyclopedic reference to upcoming generation and a reliable documentary evidence in the Court of Law.

4,         Twitter is an excellent and most dependable friend of humans. It has beautifully bridged the gap between the nationalities of developed & underdeveloped countries which is very likely to facilitate the deprived citizens to learn from their Co-Humans and place favorite demands unto their governments to improve their quality of life as well as freedom of actions. It will also help these particular communities to lead to civilization conforming to 21st Century environments.

5,          Twitter is a sacred culture, we must respect it and merge in such a refined, artistic and elegant social surroundings. While we have certain expectations from Twitter, we must deliver our obligations accordingly. It’s multi ways traffic and deserves to preserve its sanctity. Although Twitter has permitted total freedom of expressions but we must comply with the finest customs and blend in the noble journalist values. Above all, you will appreciate that Twitter is an exclusive & unique media channel where depressed communities and teens will reveal their frustration by expressing strange and at times sore feelings, tolerate them anyway with as soft response as possible. But Tweets & Articles of all the Citizens covering entire planet falling in Thirties should be graceful, Forties should be meaningful and fifties must deliver ideas in the interest of civilization as well as humanization.

6,         Twitter is a miracle for third world countries whose citizen do not have access to any kind of Media to express their feelings or convey their messages at appropriate level. However, some nominal percentage of the citizens of such countries to which Pakistan is no exception have got that approach through you Twitter, I am proud of you and wish you an excellence. Stay upright and Stay blessed

Closing Remarks

Well, I am floating this article without proof reading; please regard all mistakes as unintentional and omissions are regretted in advance. At times, I have to unfollow some friends; believe me, its painful and I feel genuinely hurt for such a disgusting gesture. But I am forced to do it due to Twitters policy of proportion of followers and I have to follow some intellects so as to learn from their experiences. However I will follow back at appropriate time or as soon as Twitter revises its policies. Ttust me, My followers are my very cute friends and I salute each one of you and May The Almighty God keep all of you in his Divine protection please.        

1,          Syria remained subject to a bloody turmoil for over two years in 21st Century which promised highest civilization in the history of our planet. Over a hundred thousand innocent fellow humans killed and over a million Syrian citizens displaced. United Nations remained a silent spectator throughout the Syrian’s massacre and so are all the Global Heads of the States “The Hon’able Members of UNO”. What a tremendous conspiracy against an elected government and UN recognized sovereign state. Who financed, armed and patronized the Opposition Party of Syria! Who is a threat to Syrian’s integrity and their solidarity! Who promoted Civil War in Syria! Who will own & justify the innocuous blood of one hundred thousand Syrians!

2,          Let’s appreciate that almost each state convenes a government with a universal ratio of 60% voters in favor of the Ruling Party and 40% in favor of the Opposition with certain exceptions of plus minuses throughout the Globe. It’s a human instinct to form part of ruling elite, so, isn’t it very easy for the Super Power to finance, arm, patronize the Opposition and revolt any government in the World. The precedence has been set and Rule of International Law jeopardized; the government of each country has been given a message to abide by the US terms & conditions, may it be legalization of Gay marriage or an offensive against any sovereign or face a Civil War. Would this kind of a message carry soft corner for United States by the civilized sovereigns of the world!

3,          18th Century culture “Intimidation” has been introduced once again as the latest strategy of ruling the world at the juncture of most advanced stage of social development. The Courts & Media have also merged in the same culture. Either financed, sponsored or intimidated but dictated to interpret identical part of the picture so as to influence international feelings in favor of the Masters. Over the passage of evolution, the media has grown to be an ultimate force or may be, even beyond. Luckily, International Media is blessed with the intellectuals or probably the media institutions have maneuvered all the masterminds into their systems so classically that they could prove the dusk into dawn & dawn into dusk. It’s high time when media has to play an impartial role to extricate the planet from forthcoming crisis.

4,          To be a Super Power is a unique blessing of God because you can promote Social Justice, Cultural discipline and Humanization. Super Power has the capacity to resolve long outstanding disputes between enemy states. It does have the strength to eliminate limited wars from Our’s beloved Planet and address the Cold Wars through novel solutions. Super Power is also responsible to protect the rights & interests of weak states against external aggression when it comes to that. She is supposed to eradicate petty racial & religious differences arising between various communities so as to encourage peace and prosperity throughout the globe and comply with the Law of Nature on the Planet. This is the actual Charter of Super Power & minimum expectations by the inhabitants of Earth.

5,          US had been the luckiest Country of the Earth, having reached that Status since 1990. This was a singular trial of US leadership in the History of Human’s Civilizations and US administrations have abused their Status for good about three decades. All the efforts leading to Humanization initiated by Abraham Lincon and supported by Bill Clinton have been ridiculed by Bush family and President Obama comprehensively. US Administration is almost isolated at his stance of Syrian Offensive. Even the most trusted Colonial Ally, United Kingdom either sensed the dangers ahead or found it as an acute violation of Social Justice and left US at the need of critical hour.

6,          British value the humans, cultures and charter of ruling elite. Whichever state they governed, ensured Justice, enjoyed the trust of masses and left them socially advanced & economically stable. On the contrary, Americans lack such ethics because whichever state they occupied left them in shambles, devastation & civil wars. Egypt and Iraq are classic examples of US expeditions. Now Syria is subject to similar US Adventure. But, enough is enough, US has been encountered with a Full Stop. She has been stuck in a strange state of diplomatic as well as administrative failure. Just recently, President Obama was shouting at his firm feet; “When Americans say something, they mean it”, are trembling now. He has lost the depth as well as direction. If he withdraws from his statement, he loses his position and if he launches an offensive against Syria, he will lose the position of US as well.

7,          It’s a Power Politics, it’s a game of Mathemagicians who neither encourage relations nor friends; It loses the values as it gets stronger. Power Politics is a bloody trial of the greatest politicians & determines their status. It’s a stage where many seasoned politicians lose their vision but few form into leaders. Those who show attitude are slaves of the false pride whereas the Leaders act in silence. G-20 Summit stamped downfall to the US Pride where Putin outnumbered President Obama classically and Sergey Lavrov also washed out Kerry at all diplomatic fronts. Putin has revived Russian Pride once again. As of today, Russia is on top of the list of World Competitors. US has to roll back her entire agenda from Asia Pacific or face many more humiliations from Russia because she will be at dictating terms in all US future assignments.

8,          US insurgency plan & her verbal invasion over Syria has been a Blessing in disguise in endorsing the safety of the region. It has redefined the World Politics altogether. In fact, it’s a 21st Century Politico-strategic environment where Power Dinosaurs are desperate to queue-jump. Besides long awaited Russian dreams to regain their inherited status, China is the strongest & most popular contender of Super Power of current century because Chinese are an amazing nation who operate from higher degrees of ethics and moral values. Probably they are the most civilized, cultured & socially disciplined community trusted throughout the globe. USSR may be a minor threat to the existing status of US but Chinese are an Alarm, signaling a glide majestically. Yet it appeals as the Russians would pave the way for Chinese to ascend that status and the masses would pursuit.

9,          Assad has almost won the war. His government will be rather strengthened because his Opposition has almost been rooted out. Although Syrians have offered huge sacrifices but benefited the region from expected disasters. The left over rebellions are very likely to disarm or extinct. It will carry a superior message to the Oppositions of surrounding states of the Region to adopt electoral means of access to ruling elite or get extinct. In addition, a strong alliance has emerged in the region comprising of USSR, Syria & Iran with a silent support from few Muslim countries and surprise support from China. With this kind of an alliance, it will not be possible for any Power on this Planet to launch any offensive against either Syria or Iran. The clouds of threats to Israel’s hegemony have rather deepen. The entire game plan of Jews oriented US lobby has collapsed placing President Obama into an extremely awkward situation.

10,             US is left with very few options:-

Option-1, To launch an offensive against Syria or Iran.

Results,    Third World War, it will be the shortest lived war in the history of warfare. No European   country will come to join US what to talk of Asians. The only current US Alloy France will also back out in the face of World War because she suffered the most during World War-2. Israel is too small to rescue US from such huge crisis, its otherwise advisable for her to remain as far away from such situations as possible. Actually US does not possess the facility of Logistic Base or any support as such in near vicinity, therefore, engaging into any conflict where possibility of retaliation exit, is suicidal for her. His friendly states like Saudi Arabia or UAE totally depend on US since their armies are designed to safeguard the Kingdoms alone. So Option-1 is ruled out.

Option-2, Keep financing, arming & supporting the rebellions to uproot Assad’s Regime.

Results,    The rebellions expedition is fast moving towards its end, therefore, the foreign hands should withdraw their support forthwith and term it internal movement through media campaign. Otherwise on one hand it would be humiliating for US to face an indirect defeat like USSR at the hands of Afghanis and on other hand it would be very difficult for President Obama to justify before his Tax Payers. Since Al Qaeda & Taliban have also joined the Syrian rebellions, let them meet their fate. It will facilitate US exit from Afghanistan. If Al Qaeda or Taliban establish their base in Syria, that would be a tragedy of 21st Century error. They will take over UAE one by one at the speed of light and an ultimate threat to Saudi Arabia as well as Israel.

Option-3, Prolong her stay in the Region and capitalize on diplomatic front through shuttle diplomacy.

Results,   This is the most dangerous option and ruled out straightaway. Since the Regional opinion is tilting in favor of Russia, therefore, Russia will never leave Americans to a chance. She is otherwise master in strategic deception and surprise weapons. USSR is behaving like an injured lion who would leave no stone unturned in reviving his pride once damaged by US.

11,             Suggested Options:-

Option-1, US should resort to Back door diplomacy by disengaging from Syrian front and involving credible leaders none other than Bill Clinton and Gordon Brown because they are highly respected by the Regional Powers. This act may help US to prolong her stay in the Region and leave honorably at an appropriate time.

Option-2, Israel should improve her relations with the Muslim States in particular and Regional Powers as well. She must change her attitude, quit hegemonial role and behave like a civilized state conforming to International Laws through US Guarantees; the Muslim World including Iran would welcome and facilitate Jews to live with dignity and grace. But Israel should also remember that when Jews were subject to French or German tortures, no European state came for your rescue.

Option-3, Towards the end, it is suggested that US should restore her credibility and follow the Charter of Super Powers or be prepared to face the Law of Nature and repetitions of History.

Talibanization-An ideology or a Business Venture.

1,          The origin of Taliban’s can be linked to as early as 80s when the Russians entered in Afghanistan. Taliban’s were raised, organized and trained by ISI to fight against an army of Once Global Power with a sole ideology of Jehad and that proved a tremendous experience. The Muslims all over the world joined Afghanis voluntarily, however Pakistanis formed major force of Taliban. In fact, it was an amazing response to a genuine cause i.e, Jehad Which means a highest sense of sacrifice taxing self lives.

2,          By mid 80s when US observed the morale and commitment of Taliban, she also stepped in the war. Initially US financed and equipped Taliban through ISI and gradually CIA also formed part of the operation. Towards late 80s, the rate of loss of Russian casualties in respect of Men & Material rose well beyond their stamina. Therefore, Russian Troops were forced to withdraw through a deal struck in Geneva duly agreed by US, Pakistan and USSR. It was a critical deal to which Sahibzada Yaqub Khan then Foreign Minister of Pakistan refused to sign and resigned from his office not withstanding US pressure. However US convinced the Premier Junejo to instruct the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr Noorani to sign Geneva Accord and in turn Junejo will be supported as Prime Minister of Pakistan for the term of next five years as well. Poor Junejo forced his Cabinet Minister to sign the deal against the wishes  of President Zia Ul Haq. Soon after Geneva Accord, Junejo Government had been dissolved. Now once the job had been done well from US perspectives, she imposed sanctions against Pakistan and left Taliban unattended. This was first blunder committed by US on becoming Sole Power of the World.

3,          During BeNazeer Government, Her Interior Minister Major General Retired Naseer Ullah Babur realized the presence of huge number of Taliban in Pakistan as a potential security threat and planned to disperse them. To his bad luck the native countries governments refused to accept their return and branded them as “Security Risk”. General Babur reorganized Taliban with the help of Agencies and pushed them towards Jalal Abad. He assumed a nice strategy aimed to keep Taliban in the mid of Pakistan & Afghanistan with the hope that both the governments would financially support them till we find some solution of their permanent settlement. But Reorganized Taliban once found Jalal Abad such a soft target, decided to take over Afghanistan all by themselves without taking any one into confidence. This was another setback to strategy of General Babur, who was left with no option than to suggest the government to recognize Taliban regime. Pakistani Administration also suggested US & Saudis Administration to recognize Taliban Regime. The basic aim of such a suggestion was to provide financial support to a bankrupt Afghan government so as to run their administrative echelons. Although Saudi Arabia recognized newly-formed Afghan Cabinet but US declined to Pakistani appeal and the worst part was that also directed Saudis to not to finance Afghanis at all. That was  second blunder committed by US because Pakistan already facing sanctions was not in a position to financially support, uplift or share the load of a comprehensively doomed economy of Afghanistan.

4,          Finding neither resources nor options Afghani Taliban Administration invited Bin Laden to come to Afghanistan who was then residing in Yemen. He conditionally accepted the offer and instantly arrived Afghanistan. He financed Taliban Administration and gradually became indispensable like IMF. Where he gained strength to expedite Anti American Agenda exclusively based on hatred. Once CIA Agent became the biggest enemy of US, proves a policy failure at all levels. This was an initial shift in the ideology of Talibanization. To the Muslim World misfortune, there occurred 9/11.

5,          This time, it were not only Taliban but the entire Muslim World had to be reshaped exactly as per a desperate agenda envisaged by US Think Tank, her Agencies and Jew lobby at a short notice. Iraqis smashed comprehensively. Taliban hit at US best but somehow majority of them managed to escape and scattered from Asia till Africa whereas minority of Taliban concealed themselves in Europe & USA as well. Huge US Ammunition, Missiles and Bombshells wasted in hitting Tora Bora Mountains with zero Taliban’s casualty but destroying the Nature and all living beings other than humans. In fact Taliban should have been kept under watch for a prolonged period, all the flanks protected, Pak-Afghan border fenced and Taliban brought to knees. On the contrary, as of today; Taliban have brought US to knees and forced them to talks on their own terms & conditions. It’s simply recognition of Taliban for which Pakistan appealed two decades back but now it’s a belated stage, absolutely wrong timings selected for compromise. They are gaining time to reorganize at a superior platform, get international recognition, improve contacts with Taliban Leaders scattered throughout the world and surprise US with a series of upsets.

6,          Actually evils are restricted to a specific zone and actively guarded so as to protect the surroundings from its side effects. In case of Afghanistan, US Soldiers were so shit scared of Taliban that they silently offered Exit Routes to them, thereby spreading them across Middle East and Africa with a reasonable concentration in Pakistan. The worst part is that initially US promoted Pakistani Taliban as Predators, trained & financed them and equipped them at par with the Armed forces of Pakistan. Although designed to employ them against Al’Quaida, mostly used against Pakistan with ulterior motives till US lost her control which had cleverly been gained by India in league with MUSAD. Now US is trying to hit them with Drones at a very high cost that is US$ Six hundred thousand per Talib. Once US stopped financing Pakistani Taliban, although RAW took over the control but could not afford such a huge amount, therefore they financed them up to their survival and trained them to raise funds on self help basis thereby navigating them far apart from their ideology facilitating Pakistan to prove them as terrorist and deal accordingly.

7,          About a decade ago, Taliban did possess some strange ideology of extremist Muslims which could partially appeal to illiterate tribes, promoted the same through Imams of Mosques graduated from the Muddarsas of their affiliate Religiously-motivated Political Parties like Jamiat-ul-Ulema e Islam etc either on gun point or black-mailing. Speedy justice was initially a landmark of their ideology which gradually became a source of their income. As of today, Taliban are a wolves herd, Non State Actors by all standards groomed to the heights of international Dan engaged in the following business;-

  1. Patronizing the Poppy Culture.
  2. Patronizing illegal trade.
  3. Patronizing Narcotics Smuggling.
  4. Patronizing Arms & Ammunition Smuggling.
  5. Target Killing.
  6. Kidnapping for Ransom.
  7. Kidnapping for Political blackmailing.
  8. Kidnapping for Religious blackmailing.
  9. Extortion of Money from Business Tycoons.
  10. Extortion of Money from Politicians.
  11. Extortion of Money from Land Mafia.
  12. Extortion of Money from Media.
  13. Extortion of Money from NGOs.
  14. Extortion of Money from State Institutions.
  15. Extortion of Money from US Logistics Contractors for Afghanistan.
  16. Extortion of Money from Arab Lords for promoting a particular sect.
  17. Extortion of Money from RAW for brutal killing at given targets.
  18. Extortion of Money from MUSAD for defaming the Religion.
  19. Extortion of Money from US for creating Civil War/Suicidals.
  20. Extortion of Money through Robberies, Bank Decoities and Parchi/SMS Mafia.
  21. Extortion of Gold Ornaments from local residents of FATA/Agencies through intimidation.
  22. Still their few practices can not be brought to papers, may creat panic at certain levels.

8,          Taliban have been doing all that for last 25 years. Can v now imagine their strength, resources and power to strike. They never had an ideology or a faith or some revolutionary cause. Actually the center of gravity of keeping Taliban alive is foreign support & intimidation throughout their history extended over three decades. Spiritual strands of religion never formed their strength because they lack Islamic character comprehensively. By now Taliban have emerged as an entrepreneur in the world of business community with enough financial capabilities to influence the indexes of Stock Markets throughout the Globe. They grasped so much of gold from Afghani and Pakistani female citizens that they could even fluctuate the rates of local gold markets. Their simplistic/disguised appearances have brought about sympathetic leaning from the Muslims all over the world without knowing the naked self of Taliban, the pioneers of Sodomy at a massive scale. Similarly West has also failed to determine the true face of Taliban and matching strategy to deal with them. They are a permanent threat to international peace. Even the wars between arch enemies are fought with some ethics and conventions. Taliban are a ruthless community with zero ethics, they slaughter the humans alive, tear them apart into pieces, hanging the humans for days together, humiliating the corpses below the belt and even worst possible behavior observed. To recognize them at this stage or entering into dialogues or giving them a legal access to Gulf is signaling last mistake by US. Given the time, shelter & freedom of action, they will take only few hours to take over Qatar because the Citizens of Gulf States can’t resist like the people of Waziristan or Swat or Afghanistan. They will also take on small unprotected Gulf States one by one because a large number of Pathans are already settled in Gulf and logistically well established. Not a too far morning, they will take over Israel and chew the Jews like a bubble. They are not Arabs, bloody Taliban. It’s high time to take the critical stake holders on board and find the headway or it will be too late. Also council US to survive from Indian intrigues or be prepared to face a series of upsets.                                    

Power Politics

  1. USA and its agencies remained unaccountable since the outset of 20th century. They are very fond of human blood and have been shedding in bulk. Their love for human rights, civilization and international code of conduct ceases where their geopolitical or strategic interests rest. US never gave a second thought while dropping nuclear over Japan. It was such a grave violation of Divine code of conduct when a considerable portion of that planet paralyzed which lodges the Americans as well. Even the Nature has been mourning over such a massive tragedy unto mankind when Americans wrought dooms over Japan much before dooms. For those, who temper with the Nature, there exist a Law of Nature; which grinds in scrape.
  2. USA was prejudiced to English monopoly over Persian oils right since explorations and formed it part of her Energy Policy. Although Britain’s managed to keep the Russians at appropriate distance but could not afford preventing USA since England was clear about her bearing by World War-2. The institution of American Police was enough for Britain’s to roll back from Iran at their earliest. Americans influenced Shah of Iran and managed additional contracts for exploring oils and strengthened their base viz-a-viz energy policy at the resting soil of Imam Hussain. However, some nationalists part of Iranian Majlis were in favor of nationalizing the oils. Therefore, on 19th Apr 1951, a hard nationalist Mr Mussadiq was appointed as Prime Minister of Iran with a commitment to secure Persian interests. He was intolerable for CIA since he promised to jeopardize US designs. By 22nd day of Aug 1953, CIA managed to revolt Mussadiq and reinstated the King with full authority. Since it was not possible for CIA to control the masses who were democratic as well as nationalist in nature, therefore, they planted a monarch. It was much easier for them to blackmail one person, the Shah and it proved to be a tremendous experience. They enjoyed their monopoly over Iranian oils for about three decades and cornered the Britain’s. Unhappy British approached France for safe return of  Khomeni, who revolted the King thereby jeopardizing the US interests in Iran once for all.
  3. CIA now encouraged Iraq to get into war with Iran. Americans are the most unreliable friends. They are a strange community with poor ethics. They make friends and hit them at their sweet will. They develop the similar relations once again with the innocent viz-a-viz incompetent leaders bribing them with petty coins and this time hit them rather hard. The most fascinating part is that later on, they freeze their assets as well multiplying their loyalties with zero. Now they play a trump card in the name of reconstruction. The long old friend, Iran had to be hurt now. The Americans had blown of an Iranian Passenger Aircraft which carried an indecent message to the International Community. It’s the time when they have to apologize from their souls or face the Law of Nature which reads that the American’s planes will also keep on falling as in the shape of Nine Eleven or God forbid conforming to such assaults in future as well.
  4. Iraq and Iran late realized that “the ten long year’s war proved to be the most useless conflict ever fought on this planet”. By now, the leaders of two states had been totally current on CIA’s maneuvers. Having got Iran destroyed on the hands of Iraq, it was now turn of the former friend. Americans had enough interests in the region in addition to Israeli’s reservations. Right since 1948, Israel would always fear Iraq. In fact, Iraq had also been hostile towards Israel. She would always designate the Zionists as an illegitimate child of CIA. It was a good enough threat to her existence. Besides, Iraq had also been setting a better pace towards her development in general but security in particular. Iraq also initiated nuclear program affiliated with German scientists. Germans remained in close association with Jews for a long time. They had known their character by all standards. They suggested an offensive defense to Iraq in the shape of nuclear program. It had been paining to Israel as well as CIA. Therefore, CIA executed a game plan in league with Israel in Jun 1981 and Iraqi nuclear reactor had been destroyed untimely.

During Iran-Iraq war, America, England, Russia and few other countries had also been piling up ammunition and armaments in Iraq. Besides, Saddam Hussain gained enough confidence during ten long years of war viz-a-viz post war developments. He had genuine reasons to believe so since he organized one million of experienced army, five thousand tanks, multi hundred guns, about one thousand war planes and large number of skuds. Having seen Iraq fully equipped, Israeli’s revealed their anxiety, therefore, Iraqi’s had to be hit now; because

            a,  They remained American friend.

      b,  Sell their weapons & ammo to the countries engaged in war.

            c,  Forcibly render the services of watchman on heavy payments.

            d,  Deny the chances of Russian entrance or Chinese influence in the region.

            e,  Keeping the regional challenges to Israel subdued through US domination.

            F,  Zeroing the socio-economic and geopolitical ascendancy of Middle East.

            g,  Keeping the Muslim World disunited.

            h  Rebuilding the new war zones thereby equalizing the purchase of oil.

             J, Establish their bases in Middle East to control oil prices and safety of its transportation

  1.  Britain’s possess the most superior intellectual level on this planet. They circumference their strategy at least over a century plus. While arranging freedom for Arabs from Ottoman Empire, they handed over the governments to families with strange status of Sheikhs or Sultans which helped them a lot in dictating their terms to monarchs. The system served to the best of their interests and deprived the Arabs from developments or raising their armies to secure their assets which kept the Arabs insecure and forced to look towards their masters in each crisis.
  2. Kuwait appeared on the world map as a separate state in 1917 only due to British intrigues so as to deny Iraq’s natural access to gulf. Right since her creation, Iraq had never recognized the artificial boundary of Kuwait. Top on Iraqi agenda was the reunification of Kuwait but the personal interests of Ruler of Kuwait and his masters managed to prolong with a generation gap. How unfortunate, British might not realize the tortures of a nation being disintegrated till 2014 when Irish vote against them. The Law of Nature grinds in scrape and places the aggressors appropriately.

      7     Britain’s should act like Great Britain once again. Mobilize their Think Tank, Civil Society   & Media to their optimum and suggest Irish people to review their opinion. Because 21st century environments are suggesting reunions otherwise survival of small states will be at stake. Irish people should be consoled and their reservations should be addressed instantly. Take at least one of the Political Irish Group possessing soft corner for Britain or some NGO on board and postpone the referendum for the time being. Remember, whenever a tragedy gets pended for the night, it dies down once for all. Now some novel trends of conflict resolution should be incorporated and some surprise concessions should be offered to Ireland. Legitimate incentives are the superior means to bring the races closer. Conflict resolution is no longer a complicated subject. It just takes the time in bringing the two nations together on the table of dialogues at a defined platform with following criteria;-

a,     Non-aligned and objective mediators.

b,     Analyze the severity of differences between both the parties.

c ,     Assess gravity of threat to interests and assets of the effected parties.

D,     Identify the hidden hands responsible for promoting the differences.

F,      Initially resolve the concerns of hidden powers once for all.

G,     Respect the feelings and grievances of both the parties without discrimination and offer compensations with reasonable guarantees.

H,     Never exploit the weak links but capitalize on strong propositions intended by both parties during the course of dialogues leading straightaway to a concentric approach.

J,      Justice, fair deal and general will are steroids to conflict resolution.

K,     Conflict resolution must encompass political stability, bilateral security and economic development of all the aggrieved parties.

L,     Media must be influenced to adopt rationale, I promise success.

Well, the issue of Ireland is a bloody old dispute which could be linked to George Washington and has reached to the advance stage of cancer. However, the British technology is also touching the climax of 21st Century  Miracles. Her Think Tank and Civil Society is the cream of Global intellect, if they are mobilized to the heights of “Once Great Britain”, they have the solution to postpone the dooms what to talk of such a petty resolution. Than where is the bug! am over confident that Britain is also current on the Hidden Hands responsible for promoting differences between her and the Irish community but who should ring the bell before the Cat! Ok, let this role rest with this feeble Pakistani Citizen. They are none other than CIA in league with MUSAD. Israel is in fact taking revenge from “Once Great Britain” who expelled Jews from her country in between 1st & 2nd World War forcing them to genocide by French as well as Germans and stands committed to squeeze her to an extremely limited English Community; which is very likely to disturb the balance of International Scenario thereby jeopardizing the global peace. Whereas US aims at bonded alliance or we may call it a Forced Friendship. It should also be appreciated that it’s simply not possible for USA to launch any kind of Armed Expedition in Asia without comprehensive support of Britain Armed Forces. In spite of such a great reality, it’s not understood as to how US dares to finger Britain in Ireland or British still get blackmailed so conveniently. However, the fact is established that in case Ireland votes against Britain, “The Power Politics” takes its course resulting into a biggest strategic upset of the Millennium. What to talk of Australia & Canada, even Falk Land is likely to delink itself from British moral domain the same evening; leaving “Once Great Britain” into a Jews Colony. As of today, the fate of Britain rest with Irish community. British need Winston Churchill or his philosophy once again; even Gordon Brown is a superior option as compared to existing British Leadership. Although addressing this kind of Conflict Resolution is an extremely complicated subject but Britain has also selected 2014 as Year of Referendum which is directly linked with US Exit from Afghanistan. In either case, Jews are the sole beneficiary and Christians will be once again at a loss and this time, they will suffer well beyond World War-2.          

  1. Getting back to the original topic, now CIA played a trump card and gave green signal to Iraqi’s Cabinet to influence Saddam Hussain to resolve his long outstanding issues with Kuwait through Tariq Aziz. Unaware Saddam fell prey to the evil designs and annexed Kuwait. Actually Iraqis got their own province back but adopted a wrong channel. The right approach for this kind of reunion can be drawn from East and West Germany. When trapped, Saddam lost his sense of direction. Although Saddam felt the trap immediately due to unprecedented speed with which United Nation Security Council passed resolution announcing economic sanctions against Iraq and US designs in persuading Saudia, Turkey and UAE to afford base facilities to US Forces. US also succeeded in coaxing a number of otherwise reluctant states to support the US sponsored economic sanctions and endorsing US demand for use of force for implementation of US dictated UN Resolutions. US also managed to draw military from number of regional Muslim countries for employment with overall US Scheme when the possibility of any further expansion of Iraqi invasion beyond Kuwait was absolutely remote from any strategic logic.
  2. The question arises as to why Saddam could not evict himself out of the crisis when he had enough time to exploit the situation in his own capacity or through the potentials of his advisors to locate a right direction. He did try to win the sympathies of Muslim World to his best but US had masterminded the Inter-Arab differences so classically that they failed to reach at consensus. US immediately promised an important regional role to Syria and Egypt in a top confidence. She guaranteed safe Syrian border with Israel and right off Egyptians debts. I am proud of Americans who do not take very long in hitting their friends as low as below the belt and force them to humiliated silence. Hosni Mubarak is a classic example of such treatment. I also appreciate Americans who ceased his assets as well thereby refunding the aid they gave to Egypt. Amazing Americans who manoeuvre the cold wars to terminate at business deals. Now is the turn of yet another friend Syria, facing American Trial. Its Friday 12th Rabi-ul-Awal or 25th Jan, when I heard a breaking news on Aljazeera TV that Palestinian President is approaching Israelis to settle 6000 Palestinians in Syria. They will be used as suicidal and forced to fight against Syrians. Shame on the deals of Muslim Leaders. This is exactly what happened with Saddam. Whenever Saddam made a headway, had cleverly been misled by Tariq Aziz till first strike of American Forces. To the misfortune of Iraqis, the entire development was staged when the Russians were occupied in resolving their domestic issues. However the role of Muslim World remained so hopeless that near generations would never forgive them.
  3.  Iraq had to be hit. Over a million ton TNT had been dropped on Iraq. The planet had been embarrassed once again. Apparently Iraq had been hit but in fact the entire Muslim Ummah was struck in one way or the other. It was a unique war in the history of warfare because it was patronized, instrumented and financed by the Muslims against the Muslims and beneficiaries were also the Anti Muslim Echelons. It had morally and economically shattered the most credible and rich names of Muslim World. The post war promises and absence of a formidable Muslim force, gave a free hand to Israel to annex more Arab territories at her own will. This expedition proved to be a wonderful experience for US. They forcibly established their base at Saudia, the sacred land of Muslim Ummah. CIA deep rooted one of its biggest network on this planet in league with MUSAD so as to accomplish the left over agenda.
  4. Baath party was absolutely unchallenged and Iraqis are the people whose minds had rendered unquestionable support to Saddam. They stood behind him with fresh enthusiasm. No matter how severe humiliation US prescribed for Saddam through media, failed to settle Iraqis questions. Post war inflation and social unrest added more hatred against US, who was already known as a source of deceit and disgrace. Seizure of Saddam’s assets also filled the gap of Iraqis discontent. US has introduced a new weapon of war, the seizure of assets; I do not understand as to why the Arabs are still maintaining their accounts in US and Europe where their funds are most insecure. Even the foreign banks never condemned such American controversial and unethical declarations. After settling down in new domain and necessary surveys, CIA suggested US to eliminate Saddam, if at all they need strong holds in gulf. To Saddam’s misfortune, there occurred 9/11.
  5. The left over agenda had been expedited at the speed of light. Saddam assassinated ruthlessly, Iraqis killed mercilessly, their properties destroyed comprehensively, their assets evacuated pennilessly and modesty of young Iraqi Muslim girls raped publically. American may convince their position to the slave, coward and disgusting Muslim leaders all right, but how would they justify to the Nature, it grinds in scrape.
  6. US is now subject to 3rd Law of Newton. All her actions are linked to her Exit from Afghanistan and she is not current on a unique trap awaiting in the history of warfare. To disengage from such a classic trap is well beyond the imagination of US Think Tank, her Political or Military Leadership. Afghanistan is a brass quagmire, who so ever managed to land here; doomed well before dooms. I salute the wisdom of Military Leadership of Pakistan who denied the Executive Order of Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan BeNazeer Bhutto to occupy Afghanistan to an extent of dismissal of her Government. Knowing well, US choose to destine a territory where the most superior forces of the present day world blessed with an ideal logistics declined to step in. Territories can be won by War Ships possessing strong Air Force all right but can never be held without professional Foot Soldiers. When US was expected to lead the world towards 21st Century civilization, she rather pushed her nation to the environments of 18th Century once again. While US violates the Law of Nature than Americans should be prepared to face the floods, tornadoes and earth quacks. If US finances the terrorists or suicidal on innocent lands than Americans should be ready to receive the Gun Shots. If US promotes Civil Wars in Libya, Egypt and Syria than Americans should be willing for rather worst fall outs. USA should have realized that such a prolonged presence in a continent where a Potential Super Power China persists is suicidal. USA should also have appreciated that her presence in a country bounded by still Power of the World and dire enemy Russia could be disastrous. Covering vast frontiers of Afghanistan, Persians consider US as biggest terrorist on this planet. Pending Persian reservations let us now analyze the changing postures of Pakistan where US supposed loyalist Mr. Zardari has handed over Gawader to China and concluded Energy Pacts with Iran comprehensively ruling out American resistance. Considering US loyalist, the nation also did not vote for Zardari led PPPP. As soon as Nawaz Shareef takes over, all contracts signed amongst US and Zardari multiplied with zero. Nawaz Shareef is a tough Premier to deal with since he is a nationalist viz-a-viz businessman. Top on his agenda is to review the drama staged in Abbotabad. Either US has to pay another ten billion dollars to Nawaz Shareef or show him the corpse of Bin Laden. Where stands America today! She is left with very few options for her survival. There is a power failure in my street right now and trust me, US is responsible for such break downs in Pakistan. Had light been there, I would have enumerated the extremely limited options available with US to rescue from such an acute crisis. Now I subject US to Law of Nature and leave her on the mercy of China, Russia, Iran and Armed Forces of Pakistan.